The Benefits of Putting Your Boat into a Charter Fleet

Written: Wednesday June 07 2023

Is a yacht as a business a solution?

As we all know by now, we may all be in for a rough time coming up in the financial world. One of the things we are finding our clients are very interested in at this time is using their yacht as a business. It’s a reasonably safe bet as people always take vacations even when times are tough and even if chartering slows a bit, you still have a boat that is being taken care of at our base!

Here’s our take on that:

Putting your yacht into our charter fleet is not going to make you into the next Warren Buffet but he probably doesn’t have the same sense of adventure that our charter boat owners do! The biggest advantage of having your investment yacht in our charter fleet is that you don’t just get the financial advantage but also the lifestyle advantage. It’s not just an investment with your money, but also an investment in your family and mental health.

In general, the money that you make will pay for the mortgage and provide a modest income but the time you get to spend on your boat as part of that investment is simply spectacular.

The other huge advantage is the people that are watching over your that investment have been doing it for over 30 years. It is a great piece of mind knowing that the most experienced staff in the BVI are protecting your yacht.

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