Charter Yacht Ownership: The Intelligent Way to Own a Gemini.

Experience the enjoyment of owning a Gemini yacht and sailing in some of the world’s best cruising grounds without the usual stresses of yacht ownership. Our Gemini dealers offer charter yacht ownership programs that will provide you with the flexibility to find the best option for you.

The three main reasons that prevent many from buying a new boat are:

  1. Cost: can I afford the total cost of boating?
  2. Time: will I use the boat enough to justify the expense?
  3. Hassle: do I really want to deal with cleaning, maintaining, and hauling the boat?

Smart charter ownership program can address all of these concerns and make boating affordable, intelligent, and carefree.

  1. Cost: Charter Yacht Ownership programs provide an income to you and often cover the boat's operational expenses
  2. Time: When you are not able to enjoy the boat, it is generating income for you
  3. Hassle: Such programs offer professional yacht management to handle cleaning, maintenance, and repairs

These benefits of an income-producing charter plan make boat ownership intelligent and financially responsible. They remove the traditional burdens of ownership while still allowing you to enjoy a new boat of your own with flexible usage. Plus, you maintain the potential tax and other financial benefits of ownership, much like the benefits of owning a home versus renting.

5 More Good Reasons to Place Your Catamaran in a Charter Program:

  1. Unlimited owner usage
  2. Special discounts
  3. Your yacht will be based at an exceptional location
  4. Potential Tax Benefits
  5. High Percentage of income against expenses
  6. Choice of makes, models, equipment and usage

To find out more about buying a Gemini Catamaran and placing her in a Charter Management Program, contact us now to get started.

You may also call us at 410.626.2720 or email



IRISH AYE AYES  |   $77,500
1997 Gemini 105M
Chesapeake Ave, Annapolis, Maryland
Listed Date: 03/15/2016
JOLLY CAT  |   $142,500
2010 Gemini 105Mc
Listed Date: 03/14/2016
HULL 1219  |   $264,427
2016 Legacy 35
Fort Lauderdale , FL
Listed Date: 03/11/2016
RICOCHET  |   $242,500
2014 Legacy 35
St. Augustine , FL
Listed Date: 02/16/2016
FREESTYLE 37   |   $149,995
2016 Freestyle 37
St. Augustine , FL
Listed Date: 02/08/2016


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